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Prospective homebuyers are generally very conscientious about researching the things that matter to them: the schools in the district, the demographics of the neighborhood and the availability of municipal services, to name just a few. They carefully assess the property to make sure its size, condition and curb appeal are satisfactory. When all of these aspects come together, they often fall in love with a home, without realizing that the difficult part ― the part that could sour the transaction ― hasn’t even begun. William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor wants you to own a home you love, but at terms you can live with. That’s why, since 1997, we’ve provided comprehensive residential real estate services for homebuyers in New York and New Jersey. We also help sellers transfer their property smoothly under terms that meet their needs.

Staten Island real estate attorney informs buyers and sellers

You can’t make the right decision about a property unless you have all the pertinent information. We provide due diligence so that you have all the data necessary to assess the risks and rewards of the potential transaction. As your residential real estate attorney, we work with you to establish clear goals of your home purchase, and work effectively to help you achieve them:

  • Contract negotiation and drafting — You don’t simply have to accept boilerplate terms or conditions the other party presents unilaterally. Our experience in negotiations benefits our clients who might otherwise sign a less-than-favorable deal.
  • Mortgages — Not all mortgage brokers are created equal. We can refer you to reputable lenders offering reasonable terms, and guide you through the entire mortgage process.
  • Title searches — You want to obtain your home’s deed free and clear without liens or encumbrances from past owners. Since we have our own title company, our thorough title search service helps ensure there are no surprises after closing.

At William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law, we believe that you make your best decisions when we relieve any anxiety you might have about the legal aspects of your home sale or purchase. We make everything clear and comprehensible, organizing all your necessary papers into one real estate binder summary document. 

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William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law guides buyers and sellers through their home transactions. To schedule a free initial consultation in our Great Kills Town office, near the Great Kills train station, call 718.815.5800 or contact our office online.

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