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Thorough representation throughout New York and New Jersey

Commercial real estate anywhere represents a significant investment of business assets, but this is especially true in the competitive markets of New York and New Jersey. Whether you buy or lease, you’re gambling on a particular site being ideal for the establishment or expansion of your company. The right decision could generate a positive return on that investment for years to come, while a mistake could deal a heavy blow to your prospects. William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor believes you increase your chances of success when you fully understand every term and condition attached to your commercial property transaction. That’s why, since 1997, we’ve devoted ourselves to lengthy face-to-face consults with our clients, so that we completely understand their goals and they fully comprehend the potential risks and rewards of acquiring a commercial site.

Guiding your commercial real estate transaction every step of the way

William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law provides commercial real estate services for a variety of businesses in New York and New Jersey. Some of our clients are investors who have purchased multifamily homes to establish an income stream. Whatever your business, we can assist with the legal aspects of your property needs, including:

  • Commercial transactions — We represent buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants in sales and commercial leases. We negotiate terms, draft contracts and litigate disputes.
  • Commercial development — We assist developers through every step of the process to help them maximize the return on their investments.
  • Zoning and land use — We obtain all the permits needed for your business property.
  • Title clearances — Our own title company does a thorough search to discover and cure any liens or encumbrances on the property.
  • Closing process — We take the stress out of closing with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Financing options — We help identify reputable lenders who can offer your business the most favorable terms available.

As your commercial real estate lawyer, we do everything in our power to take the mystery and the anxiety out of your commercial real estate transaction.

Contact a knowledgeable Staten Island commercial real estate attorney

William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law guides buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees through every step of their commercial property transactions. To schedule a free initial consultation in our Great Kills Town office, near the Great Kills train station, call 718.815.5800 or contact our office online.

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