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Personal service and attention to detail helps you reach your business goals

For most businesses, renting commercial space makes more sense than purchasing. This is especially true of startups that need to conserve capital for operations. William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law works with businesses in all stages, from formation to expansion, and advises them thoroughly on their commercial real estate options. Since 1997, we have advised commercial tenants and landlords in a variety of businesses in New York and New Jersey, helping them form lease arrangements that meet their business objectives. Our services include:

  • Commercial lease negotiations
  • Lease drafting and review
  • Lease purchase agreements
  • Permitting
  • Property tax review
  • Title search
  • Zoning and land use

Steps you should take prior to signing a commercial lease

No matter what business you’re in, there are certain steps a prospective lessee must take to resolve potential issues prior to negotiating a commercial lease:

  • Retain an attorney — A knowledgeable leasing attorney can save you expense and stress in your search for an appropriate commercial property.
  • Contact a real estate broker — Be specific about the type of property your seeking, and don’t settle for a space where you’d have to compromise your business’ vision.
  • Investigate the ownership — Have your attorney review any deeds, mortgages and financing statements. An unstable landlord could be forced to sell the property. That could jeopardize your chances of renewing your lease.
  • Research zoning and land-use restrictions — An otherwise perfect rental location does you no good if you can’t conduct your type of business on site.

William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law believes in educating clients about the law and every term and condition in a proposed lease agreement. We know you can only make the best decision for your business if you have full knowledge of the potential risks and rewards. Our real estate practice is dedicated to assuring that you get sufficient face-to-face contact to resolve any doubts about your best course of action.

Contact a seasoned commercial lease attorney for your New York or New Jersey company

William J. Newstad, Esq., Attorney and Counselor at Law guides lessors and lessees through every step necessary to enter a beneficial commercial lease agreement. To schedule a free initial consultation in our Great Kills Town office, near the Great Kills train station, call 718.815.5800 or contact our office online.

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